A group of people find strength, grace, and community in an aquacize class at their neighborhood swimming pool. At a YMCA in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a group of primarily 60–90 year old women has spent 25 years exercising together. The film documents the class’s final year in the old pool, as the Y prepares to close the branch and transition to a shiny, new building. Over a year in the pool, creative projects flourish, illness strikes, friendships evolve, seasons change.

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This is a study of older bodies and souls in water, in motion, in transition, and in community with each other. The project consists of three interwoven elements:

  • a feature-length film
  • a participatory website & social media elements
  • a Community Engagement campaign

Shooting is complete, and the film is in post-production. The website and engagement campaign are in development, and they are being created through a collaborative, community-based process.

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Work-In-Progress Trailer





Key Credits

Project Producer & Director
Vicky Funari

Associate Producer & Web Producer
Hilary Brashear

Vicky Funari
Hilary Brashear

Executive Producer
Vivian Kleiman

Funding & Support

More Credits

Pool Teacher, Community Leader
Sherry Witman

Community Development Director
Jesikah Maria Ross

Web Strategist
Darcy McKinnon

Web Designer
Becca Refford

Color Correction, Web Videos
Brandon Watz

Sound Recordists
Hilary Brashear
Jon Appel

Production Assistants / Transcribers
Natasha Cohen-Carroll
Alexandra Colon
Caileigh Feldman
Larry Miller
Milap Dixit

Graphic Design
Hilary Brashear
Barbara Oplinger

Stills Photographers
Holden Blanco
Caleb Eckert
Brad Larrison
John Muse

Pool People

Sally Allen
Joan Bromley
Lauretta Bushar
Dottie Colzie
Marlene Elkins Kapolka
Maureen Glassman
Libby Goodman
Freddie Grimes
Shellie Herdan
Anne Holsclaw

Shellie Herdan
Anne Holsclaw
Anne Iskrant
Mary Jo King
Rachel Levin
Gail Loeb
Lorraine Lopresto
Mary Lou Lukens
Michael Mason
Jeannine Mermet

Martha Noumoff
Patricia O’Halloran
Lee Ocko
Sara Pilling
Ruth Pulwer
Sheila Quinlan
Anna Reed
Mary Francis Reilly
Samuel Rosen
Gerri Rothman

Lisa Pauciello Rowe
Jeanne Ryan
Ben Schranze
Lenette Schranze
Ella Singer
Carolann Straubinger
Denise West
Mary Ziller


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More on Our Process

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